Piezo Assisted Surgery

Dr. Robles is always striving to expand her expertise by continuing her education above and beyond her professional requirements.  She is also constantly exploring technological advances to optimize the standard of care provided to each and every patient.

Piezosurgery is the latest such addition. This exiting new patented technology uses mechanical MICROvibrations to deliver maximum surgical precision and allows Dr. Robles to selectively cut bone, yet not damage soft tissue and nerves.  This new tool also allows Dr.Robles to operate in a near bloodless field, maximizing her visibility and control.  Patient benefits include the following:

  • Optimal patient safety
  • Vastly increased healing time
  • Decreased pain and swelling
  • The best possible dental experience

Piezosurgery is a remarkable advance and reflects Dr. Robles’ commitment to the best patient care possible.