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Payment Options

For your convenience, we accept cash, personal checks, and major credit cards. Payment is expected at time of services are performed. When more extensive dental care is necessary, financial arrangements can be made with our office.


As a courtesy to our patients, we file your insurance for you and determine your benefits via an Estimate of Benefits.

However, please remember that your insurance benefits are a contract between you (your employer) and the insurance company.  It is always best for you to contact your insurance company to inquire about your benefits.  We will do everything we can do to help you get your benefits but pivotal to that is for you to provide us with the correct and up to date insurance information, the address to send claims to and the correct subscriber ID in a timely, complete manner at your first visit and update it as it changes.

If you have dental insurance and major dental work is planned, we will file a pre-treatment estimate as a courtesy to you so you can know ahead of time your out of pocket expenses (unless it is an emergency situation).  For cleanings or periodontal maintenance we usually have the patient’s insurance company reimburse the patient (or subscriber) for the benefit.

Appointments At Our Practice

We strive very hard to give our patients the utmost gentle care.  We are here first and foremost to provide the best and most current periodontal care under the greatest personal care possible.  We treat you as if we would want to be treated as patients.

We want to stress the importance of  follow through with care with our office and your general dentist or referring doctor.  A lot of effort goes in place once you make a new patient appointment to ensure seamless transfer or x-rays (digitally if available), referral information and coordination of care between our office and the referring doctor.   Again we do our best to help ensure the best experience for you the patient.

Please take the initiative to inquire about your periodontal coverage with your dental insurance carrier prior to your first appointment so that we may help you answer any questions and gather all information possible to submit.  (In vs Out of Network Coverage, Waiting Periods , your dental insurance card etc).  We ask you to pay for your first visit and then we submit for reimbursement for you.  We submit the pre-treatment for any treatment needed  for the patient as a courtesy including all the appeals etc.  This may include calls and follow up letters, again as a courtesy to the patient.

We therefore ask you once you come for your initial exam to please follow through with recommended treatment. You being proactive in understanding benefits leads to minimal surprises, improves appointment follow through and optimizes the outcome of your periodontal treatment.  Thank you in advance to your attention to this important aspect of your care.