What it means to be a Board Certified Periodontist and Implantologist

  • A Diplomate is a periodontist who has made significant achievement beyond the mandatory educational requirements of the specialty and who is certified by the American Board of Periodontology.
  • Dr. Robles is proud and honored to be a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology
  • Dr. Robles feels that being board certified is something much greater than being able to call herself a Diplomate. It is a commitment that she made to her patients, her community and herself that allows her to place herself at the pinnacle of periodontal knowledge both clinically and didactically.
  • Board certification allows Dr. Robles to provide the highest evidence-based standard of care for her patients and sets the stage for continuing her education, as the study of periodontology and implantology is an evolving process.